Preparing Property For Sale

When it comes to selling your own home, things can get a little more difficult and emotional. We also get so used to our surroundings and don’t notice anymore that peeling paint, clutter etc. An objective professional “fresh eye” will be able to pick out even the smallest things which so often are responsible to create a problem when it comes to maximising the sale price and a quick completion.

Therefore, if you are planning to sell or rent your house or flat quickly and for the price you want, preparing your property professionally for sale is extremely effective. For a relatively small budget we have helped clients to create a look that appeals to their target market and achieved a quick sale.

Preparing Property For Sale - Interior Design

“I am so happy to have worked with you. I know, should I move again, I will call on you to help”

– B Koehler – Berlin

“Our bedroom has gone being a relic from the 1980s to a chic contemporary room.”

– H & P Wilson

If you would like to do the work yourself and you want clear practical advice and where and where not to spend money Park Interiors can help!

We offer a 2 hour design consultation making suggestions how to improve the property, followed by a written report of recommendations and schedule of work to get you started.

We are happy to recommend trades and if you wish we will liaise with the workmen.

Alternatively, if you would like us to carry out the improvements, we will be glad to do so. We also provide an estimate of costs involved prior to starting the work.